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I hired Oxana after seeing some of her projects online and they had resonated with my own taste snd style. Oxana helped me to develop a a two stage project family room and a kitchen (regrettably none was actualized due to an unexpected turn of life). Anyway I was impressed with Oxana’s readiness to listen to her customer and her preparations for the meetings. She searched for and was able to find vendors of specific materials to bring to life the concept of the project. She worked with a lot of attention to details in the furniture store to pick up the right pieces to go well with some of already existing ones regarding style snd color. She was able to lower some of the accessory costs by ordering them abroad. Yes, there were a few minor flows during our work together. Oxana had to travel urgently twice cause of some family matters. Huge time difference was creating some difficulty, but Oxana did her best to keep up with the process. Another small issue for me happened be the final color of the rug. Oxana did a lot of searching to accommodate my request, but probably the issue was that the lighter color simply didn’t exist on the market at that time. Still I really like the quality of the piece. To summarize my experience: I easily see hiring Oxana for my other projects in the future. I think i would insist on discussing possible color schemes more or let myself settle with the combination more. Otherwise I think Oxana i a very professional and organized person with a contemporary vision.Read More

I hired Oxana to help design the interior for an authentic Uzbek restaurant Silk Road Choyhona. The objective was to select color combinations for the restaurant interior to compliment a set of murals. Oxana chose a successful color palette which not only highlighted the murals but also resulted in the room appearing to double in size. I recommend Oxana as a professional designer.Read More

I really want to leave a review about the high professional work of the designer. From the first minute of our project, Oksana felt very subtly what we liked and there was always a feeling that we had common tastes. To say that Oksana is a good designer is not enough, she is also a psychologist who subtly feels the client, many technical points are also thought out, and without technical supervision and support of the project, it would be very difficult for me to work with builders. This is the project that I myself would never have realized, but at the same time, which I like every day more and more. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. In everything, at the same time, the general idea of the project and convenience, and each detail is interesting separately. This is the apartment of my dreams from which I do not want to leave and always happily return. Convenient, beautiful, comfortable!Read More

I chose to work with Oxana because when I saw her portfolio I could see that she felt comfortable working across various very different styles and color combinations with equal success and that to me was a clear tell if a designer was truly talented. I worked with Oxana to completely redecorate my living and dining rooms. It was a difficult project because I didn't have a clear picture of what I wanted and neither did I want specific colors or style, instead I wanted the rooms to have a certain feel to them. The difficulty came in trying to translate this "feel" to Oxana correctly and ensure that our visions align. She was fairly patient with me and tried to adapt to this unusual way of working with clients. The end result was amazing! I was truly happy with how everything turned out as it had exactly the "feel" that I was looking for in both rooms and we were able to stay within budget! I highly recommend Oxana for her talent, professionalism, and adaptability!Read More

I cannot say enough great things about by experience with Oxana! I love-love my new Condo design. Everything was designed and carefully hand-picked to meet my personal taste, style and final result truly represents “ME”. Every detail was very well through through to accommodate my lifestyle needs. Now, everyone who comes to check out my new place are leaving with a “WOW!” - The entire project turned out to be better than what I have expected. I also received all the drawings and measurements so if I ever decide to chance things up a bit - I already have basics to start from. Additionally, Oxana works as a Design-retailer, so your best prices for furniture and decore are guaranteed. This was a huge plus and gave additional savings to my budget.Read More


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