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Alpine Mountains Kitchen

Scandinavian-style Kitchen.

I used a White Matt flat kitchen cabinet door finish in combination with horizontal direction maple wood flat cabinet doors and a concrete countertop. For the floors, I used Kerama Marazzi floor tiles 24"* 24" size with deep gray matt floor tiles repeating a countertop pattern- gray matt marble in a concrete color tone. At the same time, the backsplash repeats the base cabinet doors' horizontal wooden pattern. Upper wall cabinets are hung up to the ceiling, so we are not losing space and the client is happy to have more storage. Cook top, microwave, oven, and kitchen sink are all in a black finish, as well as kitchen appliances.

Since we have Scandinavian style, I created ceiling nature lighting decor. I made a drawing of the hand-made wooden greed and then we placed artificial, but very natural-looking hanging flowers. This decor made the kitchen very unique and alive. Without flowers it may look very clean, but also very boring. Since my client loves nature, I created this nature corner. She said that all of her friends love to sit under this flower decor and listen to the sound of the birds in the forest. This decor made this space calm, warm, and unforgettable, as they said. I planned to have deep green chairs seat as well to combine green flowers and green seats, but it was a challenge to find Scandinavian-style chairs with deep green fabric. So, we ordered fabric in another store and will change it a little later.