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"Vinod's Silver spring"

Dear friends, I will tell you about a project I worked on in 2017 in Fairfax, Virginia.

This project was done in a transitional style. Think of transitional design as the best of both worlds. "At its core, a transitional style is a balanced balance of the different characteristics of traditional and modern design," says Rene DiSanto, co-founder of Park & Oak Interior Design. "It combines curves and straight lines and is airy and polished, textured but not cluttered."

The project's primary colors were a combination of emerald green and natural brown hues. The nature of the interior is expressed in ethnic motifs.

The ceilings of this room were very high. The room seemed disproportionately high and yet small. The main problem with the interior was the windows. The windows in the room were of different heights. The client asked for a solution for these windows and assumed that he would have to replace the windows, which therefore involves a lot of construction costs.

I found a different solution. I suggested dividing the height of the rooms with wide decorative trim. This visually changed the size of the ceiling. The eye, seeing the horizontal line, mentally divides the room's height into upper and lower; thus, the space changes its proportions. So I also suggested hanging the curtains on one level to hide the minus difference in the height of the windows. The effect is noticeable - the minus is hidden, and the space is harmonized.

The second solution was to paint the walls in two tones - I suggested painting the front fence one tone darker than the rest of the walls. The border with the darker tone visually distances us. Also, against the background of this deep color, the fireplace itself, in which we did not change anything, looked very different.

What the interior lacked was the main accent. I picked up a photo wallpaper with a reproduction of a painting in green tones. The interior gained its character and became more warm and cozy. Initially, I suggested upholstered furniture in soft velour in a warm antique-gold color. But the client has three children and was worried that the sofa would be damaged quickly. The second solution was the furniture in white leather. Yes, it costs more, but the client's practicality came first since leather furniture is much easier to care for.

I had chosen a modern style of light fixtures. Our project is a kind of symbiosis of modernity and ethnic ornaments.

Decorative elements: vases, rugs, pillows, and accessories completed the look.

The entire project was completed in one month. The contractors completed their work on time. The hardest part was hanging the chandelier from the ceiling 16 feet high. The chandelier was very heavy. We also changed the color of the floor from cherry (reddish shade) to dark oak. The floor looks much more solid and expensive.

The client was delighted with the work of the contractors and my design. He recommended me to his friends and colleagues, but that's another story.