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"African Style Room"

2016. "African Room" Interior Design Project by #OxaKovalli.

The most exotic of all existing styles is the African style. A passion for the unfamiliar is so human. Decorating the interior in the African style excites the imagination and creates a sense of touching a mystery, something special. Maximum exotic and grotesque, it breaks the clichéd notions of how the interior should be. To give your home an African flavor, a global rearrangement of the apartment to arrange not necessarily. This style - is the very embodiment of dynamics, expression, and pounding vital energy. A neatly chosen game of contrasts can achieve an interesting visual effect in this interior. For example, for decorating the room, you can choose warm, soft, muted colors: sandy, terracotta, pale, the color of melted milk, ochre, or wood bark. Against this background, the items of decor, curtains, and drapery of saturated hues will look very impressive: scarlet or lemon-yellow finishing cloth of upholstered furniture, orange fixtures, and motley carpets with characteristic ornaments. In terms of colors, the African style imposes the only restriction: you should not use synthetic, fluorescent colors.

The essential elements of the African-style interior are the numerous decoration objects and applied arts. African style is imbued with the distinctive creativity of the tribes of this mysterious black continent.

Even unsophisticated viewers will immediately identify household items and unpretentious utensils typical for this continent: wooden fruit dishes, exotic sculptures, ritual masks, stylized lanterns, and paintings in the style of naive art.

Any room will look much more spectacular if it is decorated with linen napkins and curtains with embroidered figures of giraffes and tigers, wooden vases decorated with bamboo sticks, trays, and souvenirs made of African stone. To create an atmosphere in your home.

When considering the color scheme, I would recommend using yellows, reds, oranges, and other warm colors symbolizing the hot climate of the continent. Do not forget, however, that the heat always intersects with a welcome coolness, so an oasis in the interior (perhaps a small waterfall or fountain) will always delight the eye.

To "support" the Afro-style are good Spanish-Moorish chests of Lebanese cedar or ebony, covered with camel or buffalo leather, inlaid with henna-tinted bone, with inserts of brass and copper. They successfully dilute the soft minimalism and introduce the original motif. Moroccan floor lamps are covered with leather and painted with natural colors, such as pomegranate extract or mimosa.

Fascinating are the items from Morocco, which are a mix of different traditions: Berber ceramics - laconic, decorated with geometric ornaments, Spanish-Moorish furniture, and ancient Jewish minting with symbolic images.

Decorating the interior in the African style excites the imagination and creates a sense of touching a mystery, something special. As exotic and grotesque as possible, it breaks at once the clichéd notions of what an interior should be.