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Business office of "X-PRO" company, Almaty

2013. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 5200Square feet of empty office space. I created a space planning layout and selected furniture, wall, floor materials, and lighting fixtures. Provided Interior Design Project management. Results of my work: This project was published by the most famous Interior Design Magazine of Kazakhstan, IDEAS.

The name of the project is "X-PRO MODEL."

The name was born from the name of the client company. The office space design isn't less challenging than working on a residential interior. The interest in creating commercial spaces is determined by the fact of necessary taking into account the peculiarities of the business itself. The customer's needs, such as:

business expansion, modeling the premises to attract new customers, and changes in the company's image.

To make a space more functional requires additional knowledge - merchandising. The company's offices should work for smooth communication of the participants of this business.

A modern office is the embodiment of the company itself. From the entrance, a potential client has a general impression of the company - its success, solvency, creativity, and solidity. The task set before the company designer was simple and not easy. First, the customer wanted to get strict, but at the same time creative office, underlining the company's ability to be on the wave of time, the use of new technologies, and the budget were quite limited. We should consider that this is a marketing company's office. Accordingly, the company for the production of glossy magazines should represent fashion, its recognizable style, and as a result, a new, modern office, embodying a new model of doing business - a single team, a single space, creativity.

The semicircle is my favorite theme - the circle is unification, perfection, and harmonious space. The primary colors used in this project are deep gray and red-black (the colors of the company logo). Red and black are the vibrant colors that act as accent colors in this project. But, since the gray-black-red theme is somewhat gloomy, we decorated walls with collages - a portfolio of the company's works made by the designer for a visual presentation of the results of the production association.

Since the office is creative, the client chose one furniture company from several offered, which offered the best option. The @BENE company offers the largest selection of ergonomic office furniture to fit into any intricate interior, as they provide a wide range of colors of both upholstery fabrics for upholstered groups and furniture itself, lamps, and accessories, and in addition, unusually comfortable furniture.

The main accent that emphasizes the semi-circular layout of the main operating room is the red semi-circular hanging structure. Furniture makers made it according to the designer's sketch. I created lights (pointed lights). The main goal of which is to reduce noise. That is why I used a woolen fabric, which, in turn, also serves as noise insulation by itself.

The main idea is not to overload the space with cold lamps, which are usually inherent in all standard offices, and dilute the cold office environment with something unusual but very functional and compensate for the leading light. The convenience of this suspension design and the light incident only directly above the desk space managers and designers, as provided in the "rest" area. Hence the energy savings - the light works strictly over the working space.