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Bakar's Kitchen Renovation

Bakar's family asked me to help them with the kitchen renovation. The budget was limited and we tried to stay within the budget. That is why we used not expensive materials. But the result was amazing and most important that the client was happy. So, I selected a gray-whiten color palette not only because it is still very popular, but because the client's request was to make this space lighter, visually cleaner, and more spacious and airy. We've tried to save money and I selected LVT waterproof and scratch-resistant floor planks, which perfectly worked with a granite countertop. To make this space visually wider I selected Italian marble-looking tiles and suggested placing them in horizontal lines. As well I selected a dark grey grout to make contrast lines for these backsplash tiles. My contactors installed perfectly White kitchen cabinets doors with the soft closing mechanism. So, we did not change kitchen cabinets but only painted them with the special kitchen paint, selected with coordination to the kitchen doors. Finally, the contractors painted the ceiling with satin paint to make this space airier. The client was very happy with the result and gave us a 5-star review.