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Scandinavian Mats ( God's gift), Living Room

"Scandinavian Mats (God's Gift)", Living Room, 2020.

Scandinavian style is one of the latest interior design trends.

I love it for its purity and graphics. The interior's Scandinavian motifs send us to an atmosphere of comfort, peace, and tranquility for its natural materials and enveloping comfort.

Customers already had a beautiful and thoughtful interior. Asked me to help bring some zest to the room space. The interior already had a vertical painting with a pen, in the color spectrum of which there were colors beloved by the hostess: the delicate bloom of tiffany, but a little muted, light yellow, antique black. I pushed away from this color combination.

The color in the interior should be exactly the color that pleases the house residents. Since the room was on the north side, I wanted to bring some sun to the interior, revive it a little with flowers.

The room's main accent was a wooden wall composition created by the masters of the company "Jamike Home Improvement," according to my drawings from polished wooden strips covered with matte varnish. They have done the job excellently! A unique graphic created precisely under this space, which brought the room to an entirely new aesthetic level. I am happy with the work of the contractors.

Everything here has its character, its place. Each is self-sufficient and functional: a gorgeous coffee table made of the wooden massif, which opens and serves as additional storage. Accent Mid-century chairs are very comfortable. A natural wool handcrafted area rug is soft and cozy. The beauty of this carpet consists precisely in non-standard, lack of precise geometry. The diamond-shaped pattern of the carpet visually expands the space. The color scheme binds together all the colors of the interior as if completing the overall picture.

So, for your attention, the project "Scandinavian Mats (God's Gift)," Living Room, 2020.

Author: Oxana Kovalchuk, OxanaKovalchukDesign,Inc