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"Anastasia". Library. 2019

I called this project "Anastasia," the name of his mistress.

I love this project very much because we had a complete mutual understanding with the client and I was given a great opportunity to totally realize all of my ideas.

I received a request for the interior design for the single house first floor. Firstly, we started creating the interior of the library. The client outlined her wishes, preferences. She herself was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is a very exquisite person who grew up in the city-museum of Russian history, the city of Russian tsars. She wished to equip the library in a strict and refined style, not entirely classical, but still aged, stylish and elegant. We settled on the Neo-classic symbiosis of classical and modern.

In this project, a completely unique author's design of the fireplace is of interest. It is a fake fireplace. The flame itself does not burn - a particularly important moment for a family with small children. This is a steam flame, the main advantage of which is the saturation of the air with the necessary amount of moisture. It looks incredibly realistic. I used the simplest materials to finish the interior of the fireplace, this is black tiles. It perfectly shades the playing flame and creates the effect of buried walls of the fireplace. We brought the fireplace portal from the other side of the planet, and it fits into the style of ancient St. Petersburg as easily as possible.

The client asked to keep the existing burgundy columns. I beat the interior with silk wallpaper of luxurious burgundy color, which I used in niches. Niches favorably emphasized the columns and tied together with the interior of the room. Color scheme - a combination of St. Petersburg’s shades of colors: deep gray, Bordeaux, ancient bronze. Fabrics used in the interior - only velour... deep heat-gray color with a lilac tint in evening lighting.

The focal point of the project was the picture of a young woman. Very character picture, magnificent, mystical, and impeccable with performance. I am just in love with this author's paintings! Why is green unexpected, seemingly color? Because the second room of the first floor is the abode of the spouse. It is made in deep green scales. And, two spaces, two worlds of spouses may, although different in nature, still they are closely intertwined with subtle accents, lines, poetry, and emotions.

So, to your attention the project "Anastasia," 2019, Author: Oxana Kovalchuk, OxanaKovalchukDesign,Inc