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Ellada Studio & Spa

I am pleased to introduce to your attention the Renovation Project "Ellada Studio & Spa," located in North Point, Reston, VA.

The client invited me to see her salon and give recommendations on what can be changed, or how to supplement the existing space to make it attractive to customers. It should be noted that we did not change the layout of the room. We did not carry out construction works, only cosmetic works, and updated furniture.

The customer 's wish was to make the space stylish, attractive. After the discussion, we decided to focus on the modern style with elements of the classic.

The client told me: "This is Ellada and here every woman should feel like a goddess."

I changed the zoning of the space, increased the number of seats in both the manicure department and the hairdresser. I replaced the gold colors of the walls with two tones of grey and like accent- graphite. We left gold only in the name of the salon, it is enough.

I do not recommend using many colors in one interior. Maxum is three, of which two are complementary, one-accent. I prefer to play with textures but not colors. Based on this provision, we ordered furniture one color- black. Because furniture in Neoclassic speaks for itself at the expense of multiple "Baro-Face" elements, I ordered matte skin. Importantly, this furniture is designed specifically for commercial premises, very good in care.

The pedicure zone looked a little sad... There was not enough wind... Thus, I, using flowers created by Ritushka Inc, Rita Terteryan, let into the interior a little dynamics, carried away in the distance of flowers...

So, to your attention one of the latest projects.