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"Vienna's Elegance"

Eclectic Elegance by #OxaKovalli.


Gorgeous and impressive. Sophisticated chic of dark grey walls. Every detail is thought out and brought to the absolute, complementing each other and revealing new details.

I'm glad to share photos of the completed Design project for the first floor of a house located in Vienna, Virginia. The project was done in the Elegant Eclectic style, now commonly referred to as Transitional. This means we haven't entirely moved away from the classical elements; we still retain some while incorporating modern elements and technologies into the interior.

The house itself is beautiful, even without the design. The clients have great teste, and working on this project was exceptionally easy and interesting. I only added some colors to the interior and did some decoration. I didn't change the furniture layout.

The client wanted to bring warmth and coziness to the interior. I love to combine different textures in my interiors: wallpapers with painting. I always complement the project with the decor I made for each project. This way, I leave a part of my soul in the house, and it's always a positive touch. With a bit of color, luxury, a few accessories, and... your home acquires its character, filled with the energy of the homeowners and all the family members.

Each new project is communication with wonderful people, understanding the family's psychology, the personality of each individual in this house... Each project is like your child... It's endured, born, and it's always loved!!!

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