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"Absolute Harmony"

October 2011. Almaty, Kazakhstan. "Absolute Harmony" Project by #OxaKovalli. Our second Interior Design Project immediately was published on the cover of the most famous Interior Design Magazine in Central Asia "IDEAS".

One of the main ideas of this apartment is the opposition to the everyday aesthetics of direct corners and flat surfaces, created by round, soft lines.

First of all, this idea was embodied in the reconstruction of the living room's ceiling. It was decided to make a three-level structure to hide the structural beam on the top. The main plan was a spherical shape resembling a "shanyrak"- a Kazakh symbol of a substantial family hearth. The gloss of the stretch ceiling was filled with freedom and expanded the living room space. Multi-level backlighting allows you to change the lighting intensity depending on the mood.

The whole interior is solved in a creamy brown scale, adding white. This is a soft furniture-flowing shape in the communicating zone, arranged in a circle. In the center of the living room is a half-socket of art parquet. Light parquet repeats the ceiling shape, visually zoning the space, which creates the perfect completion of the living room.

The wall with built-in niches and a TV is covered with striped wallpaper. When lighting changes, these wallpapers have a different holographic effect. The same wallpaper in darker color is partially present-they also work on the decoration of the corridor. The walls of the hall are covered with wooden artificially aged light panels are a classic device that gives respect- worthiness to the entire interior. The corridor passes into an open festive dining room.

The dining area is dominated by vanilla color. Chairs and tables decorated with tablecloths, crystal sconces, and chandeliers - all this, as a result, makes the interior elegant and solemn. The light floral wallpaper in the beige range is the same as the living room. The apartment's windows and doorways are decorated with milky bronze curtains.

The kitchen is separated from the dining area by a sliding wood and glass Perego. It has separate access to the corridor. At the expense of this partitions in the dining room create a feeling of privacy. On the floor, excellent opacification of tiles and parquet supports the color scheme of the entire apartment. The ceiling in two levels with LED illumination is complemented by spots. The lighting in the kitchen you picked up with the expectation of comfort. The chocolate color fragment of the ceiling harmonizes with the floor tiles along the perimeter of the entire kitchen. The extended facade of the milk-white kitchen, the wall decoration, and the natural stone countertop emphasize the composition's linearity. The built-in household appliances contrast against the bright background of the kitchen, the facade of which is artificially aged. In the center of the kitchen is a white round table with chairs. This is a place for family breakfasts in a cozy environment. The kitchen by #Europrestizh" kitchen factory is simply created for culinary exploits.

A combination of beige tiles and dark chocolate mosaic in a picturesque panel that imitates algae that smoothly go along the walls to ceiling is an exciting design move for a small room like a bathroom. A blurred horizon line creates the illusion of even more pro-of the country. The built-in niche repeats the bend of the pattern on the walls. Wavy, the podium in two levels near the bath is made of liquid stone - an imitation of dark marble. Thanks to this design, the necessary little things are always at hand.

This bathroom really fascinates the look; I want to look at it. It corresponds to all the wishes of the customer are elegant and comfortable; there is no which is superfluous.

The interior design of this apartment is distinguished by sophistication, a general neutral color scheme, and spectacular additions skillfully and tastefully placed by project designers. They made reality all the customer's wishes, creating a feeling of absolute harmony and peace.