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Milan, October 10, 2012

August 23, 2022
Milan, Furniture Fair, October 10

Italy in the fall is the sun, these are lovely people: stylish women and emotional, welcoming men, these are open verandas of bars, these are emotions, smiles, compliments - all that I miss at home, in Almaty. Therefore, when the editors of the magazine "Ideas" invited me to the design exhibition in Verona, I, without hesitation, answered - Yes!

This is how the preparation for this trip began.

At this time, in Verona (Italy), the exhibition Abitare il Tempo, "Verona Fieri," was held, which was attended by representatives of leading manufacturers of furniture, accessories, and finishing materials, the stands of which were surprisingly stylishly decorated. After visiting the International Design Exhibition in New York this spring, it was interesting to see a similar exhibition in Italy - to compare which trends are more relevant in Europe than in America and find something fundamentally new for our country.

The exhibition center of Verona (Italy), "Verona Fieri," is one of the oldest expo centers in the world. It was opened in 1898 by the municipal authorities of Verona and since then has been conducting successful exhibition activities in areas such as agriculture, construction, and horse breeding, as well as organizing exhibitions in the field of design, furniture industry and logistics, as well as developing new exhibition areas: recreation and health.

Every year, from September 17 to September 21, this fantastic exhibition opens in a beautiful ancient city for two decades. I would like to see every designer who has reached the level of maturity that will allow him to appreciate the wealth of ideas presented there.

Going through the memory of what I saw, I understand that it is impossible to convey all the impressions or display only the surface layer. Much more needs to be understood, partly because design in Italy is increasingly a philosophy, a way of organizing life, which was told to us by the exhibitors chosen by the organizers for the presentations.

The total area of the Verona Fieri exhibition center is 350 thousand square meters., including the space of 12 exhibition halls - 122 thousand square meters. Open exhibition area - 117 thousand square meters. m Up to 30 international exhibitions are held annually, during which more than 14 thousand exhibitors present their products to more than a million visitors.

What we saw pleased us. The exhibition was composed of harmonious and very modern interiors.

What we saw pleased us. The exhibition was composed of harmonious and very modern interiors.

The organizers ensured that the meetings held with potential suppliers - manufacturers of furniture and accessories were not only exciting and memorable, but also designers could ask questions about the work of Italian colleagues and share their experiences.

It would be possible to endlessly describe many stands, both design and commercial, but often not inferior in originality to the design idea.

I must say that the organizers tried to defuse our heads filled with impressions with a magnificent gala with a reception in the best Italian traditions at an old country villa, which in recent years has become a museum of furniture of the Morellato Foundation.

I repeat, of course, I could not tell about all the projects presented at the exhibition. I repeat, of course, I could not speak about all the projects presented at the show. After all, hearing about the creation of spaces from the lips of the authors themselves, design designers, meant understanding the principles of their work, paying attention to important details that, most likely, would have gone unnoticed in that endless variety of ideas at the exhibition in Verona.

Many Kazakh designers probably found answers to long-tormented professional questions here. Many with jealousy saw their ideas - dreams realized by others because only in Italy they could take place thanks to the contact of the designer and technology, designer, and modern production. Interest in interior design in our country is growing every day.

People who have visited other countries always bring a piece of other countries, cultures, and traditions to their lives. It should be noted that the inhabitants of our land are very stylish people who appreciate aesthetics, beauty, and comfort. Therefore interior designers always need to keep their finger on the pulse of time and, visiting other countries, adopt centuries-old experience in creating unique spaces, and interiors to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated taste of our respected customers. Autor: #OxaKovalli, Photos by #OxaKovalli